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We have unveiled our Mission & Ministry Offering plan to our pilot churches. Join us!
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CBFNC Vision for the road ahead. Find resources including the vision document, videos and endorsements.
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The CBFNC Wealth and Poverty Committee has established an annual recognition program to highlight churches, ministries, clergy, laypersons, and missionaries connected to CBFNC who embody Christ through their work in issues of wealth and poverty.
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Join us May 29, 2014, at Watts Street Baptist Church in Durham

Latest News

What to Expect at the Impacting Tomorrow event


Listen to an audio recording about what to expect at the 2014 Impacting Tomorrow event. Featuring Eddie Hammett, Beth Thompson, Jayne Davis and Ka'thy Gore Chappell.

May 16-17, 2014, at Oakmont Baptist Church in Greenville, NC



Growing and Learning with CBFNC


CBFNC's 20th Anniversary Vision

When you click on this link, you'll find many resources from CBFNC's Vision Team, including the Vision document, videos and endorsements. This document will be presented at our upcoming General Assembly. Preview it now!


You're Invited!


An invitation to attend
CBFNC's General Assembly
and 20th Anniversary Celebration
from Larry Hovis



CBFNC March/April 2014 Newsletter



Page 2Vision: from what is seen to way of seeing  by Larry Hovis

Page 3Refocused and renewed   by Rick Jordan

Page 4-5CBFNC General Assembly and 20th Anniversary  

Page 6A cause for celebration   by Ka'thy Gore Chappell 

Page 7Investing in leadership   by Ka'thy Gore Chappell

Page 8Peace-making in Atlanta   by Wanda Kidd

Page 9Partnerships past, present and future  by Rick Jordan



News Archive


What is the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina?

Each of the words in our name - Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina - is important to our identity. But perhaps Fellowship holds the greatest insight into who we are as an organization.

We are a fellowship of churches and individuals who voluntarily cooperate to do together what we could never accomplish alone, for the Kingdom of God. We bring together people of shared interests, activities, beliefs and experience. We provide companionship along our shared journey to be the presence of Christ in the world. We serve each other as equals. We share a commitment to the Lordship of Jesus Christ, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit in our midst, and a reverence for God's Word. Our oneness is expressed through a devotion to historic Baptist principles of faith and practice.

This devotion calls us to join together in responding to Jesus' call to go into all the world to share God's love (Matthew 28:19-20). We are bringing Baptists of North Carolina together for Christ-centered ministry!

Learn more about who we are.

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