CBFNC@20 - The Road Ahead

As we move into the future to which the Spirit calls us, we will need
the gifts and commitments of the whole CBFNC family.

March 28-29, 2014, we will gather in Greensboro, NC, to celebrate
the first 20 years and the transformative difference CBFNC has made
in our state and beyond, but we will also prayerfully gather to discern
what steps need to be taken to bring us into the future.

We believe CBFNC will best participate in God's mission by pursuing
Transformation, Engagement and Community.



Sermon series on the Overarching Commitments of Transformation, Engagement and Community by Mike Eddinger, pastor of Westwood Baptist Church in Cary:



Please share your stories,
ideas and resources with us!

What folks are saying about the 20th Anniversary Vision Report


How can local congregations and partners of CBFNC catch the vision?

CBFNC @ 20 - Churches Catch the Vision


Practical Advice on How 
to Implement the Vision

CBFNC @ 20 - Practical Implementation 


What Excites You About
CBFNC's Vision?

CBFNC @ 20 - What Excites You 


Sharing stories of transformation,
engagement and community

CBFNC @ 20 - Stories of T.E.C. 


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