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CBF 101

Are you looking for practical ways to introduce CBF and CBFNC to your congregation? Check out this helpful resource: Practical Ways to Introduce CBF to Your Church.

Also, learn the basics about CBF at CBF 101: An Introduction to Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

Or learn about the basics of CBFNC at CBF 102: Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina.

Bringing Baptists of North Carolina Together for Christ-Centered Ministry - article by Randall Lolley


CBFNC History

A Decade of New Beginnings
CBFNC and the First Ten Years


Churches - Tax Exempt and Charitable Status

Several churches have expressed a concern as to whether they are a tax exempt organization and whether contributions to their organization are tax deductible by the contributor. A review of United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) documents will prove that these concerns are unfounded. Read more

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