Mission Resource Plan

Click here to see CBFNC's revised Mission Resource Plan (Spring 2018)

"The Mission Resource Plan offers a more creative financial covenant through which all North Carolina Baptists may fund and support cherished partnerships and institutions in keeping with the Baptist Freedoms advanced by John Smyth, Thomas Meredith and Roger Williams in the 1600s. The Plan provides a distribution schedule developed through many hours of prayerful meetings of the leadership of CBFNC and its partners. However, you have the freedom to create your distribution schedule in keeping with your commitments and resources. I encourage everyone in friendly cooperation with CBFNC to seriously consider this Plan as you develop your budget."
Roy Smith, Retired Executive Director-Treasurer, Baptist State Convention of North Carolina

If you have questions about this plan, please call CBFNC Coordinator, Larry Hovis (888) 822-1944.

Mission Resource Plan Breakdown

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  30.0% CBF of North Carolina missions and ministries* 30.0%
  20.0% CBF missions and ministries 20.0%
Lay Ministries 5.0% Woman's Missionary Union of NC 2.5%
    Baptist Men of NC 2.5%
Higher Education 16.0% Campbell University 2.0%
    Chowan University 2.0%
    Gardner-Webb University 2.0%
    Mars Hill College 2.0%
    Meredith College 2.0%
    Wake Forest University 2.0%
    Wingate University 2.0%
    Campus Ministries 2.0%
Theological Education 14.0% Campbell University Divinity School 3.0%
    Duke University Divinity School, Baptist House of Studies 3.0%
    M. Christopher White School of Divinity, Gardner-Webb University 3.0%
    Wake Forest University School of Divinity 3.0%
    CBFNC Administered Scholarships 2.0%
Social Ministry 10.0% Baptist Children's Homes 4.5%
    DDM Program of Baptist Children's Homes 0.5%
    Baptist Retirement Homes of NC (Benevolent Care) 2.5%
    Baptist Hospital School of Pastoral Care 2.5%
New Churches 1.0% New Church Starts administered by CBFNC Missions Council 1.0%
Identity Partners 4.0% Baptist News Global 0.5%
    Baptist Center for Ethics 0.5%
    Baptist Foundation 0.5%
    Baptist Joint Committee 0.5%
    Baptist World Alliance 0.5%
    Nurturing Faith 1.5%
Grand Total 100.0%    

























 *If you are currently contributing to CBFNC, please contact our staff [(888) 822-1944] before adopting this plan.

Churches Tax Exempt and Charitable Status

Several churches have expressed a concern as to whether they are a tax exempt organization and whether contributions to their organization are tax deductible by the contributor. A review of United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) documents will prove that these concerns are unfounded. Read more.


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