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Our Leadership

Those who serve in leadership positions are enlisted by the Council Development Committee and elected annually at the General Assembly.

The Councils meet together on the same day four times per year. A portion of these "All Councils" gatherings are spent meeting together and a portion are spent meeting separately. They hold additional individual council meetings as needed, including monthly conference calls for some of the councils.

Councils often form teams or task forces that include additional persons and focus on a particular ministry, mission or task. If you would be interested in serving on a team or task force in a particular ministry area or if you are interested in exploring service on a council, please email Larry Hovis at lhovis@cbfnc.org, Rick Jordan at rjordan@cbfnc.org or Linda Jones at ljones@cbfnc.org.

April 2016 - March 2017

Coordinating Council

This is the official board of directors of the non-profit corporation known as "CBF of North Carolina." Their purpose is to strengthen the bonds that tie us together in fellowship and ministry through communications, gatherings, partner relationships, personnel, finances and other resources. Larry Hovis serves as primary staff support to this council, with assistance from Jim Hylton.

Lisa Rust, Moderator
Doug Murray, Moderator-elect
Ray Ammons, Past Moderator
Heather Folliard, Recorder
Mike Queen, Treasurer
Kathy Driver
Jeff Mathis
Nancy Baxley
Wayne Hill
Beth Thompson
Andy Jung
Shane Nixon
Mary Cunningham

Leadership Development Ministry Council

The purpose of the Leadership Development council is to provide resources for discovering, nurturing and sustaining current and future ministerial staff leaders. Ka'thy Gore Chappell assists this council.

Kheresa Harmon, Chair
John Daniels, Chair-Elect
Jerry Chiles
Neil Westbrook
Nathan Rice
Jeanell Cox
Leah Reed
Stacey Grimm
Garin Hill
Nelson Granade

Missions Ministry Council

The purpose of the Missions council is to motivate and equip individuals and churches to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ by providing resources and opportunities to be on mission locally and globally. Linda Jones provides primary staff support to this council.

Paula McCosh, Chair
Greg Burriss, Chair-elect
Mike Womble
Mason Smith
Sara Lamkin
Kent Cranford
Christa Warise
Paul Burgess
Linda Winslow
Donna Bissette

Endowment Management Board


Austin Connors
Scott Hudgins
Andrew Barnhill
Norman Jameson
Elizabeth Edwards

Faith Formation Ministry Council

The purpose of the Faith Development council is to provide resources and events for spiritual formation, discipleship development and Christian fellowship. Rick Jordan provides primary staff support to this council, with assistance from Wanda Kidd.

Barbara Glasgow, Chair
Scott Thrailkill, Chair-Elect
Giles Blankenship
Louisa Monroe Ward
Susan McConnell
Kay Smith
Matt Roberts
Jayne Davis
David Jordan

Collegiate Ministry Team

Seth Asbill
Renee Pouloit Bridges
Lee Colbert
Kevin Moore
Ashley Mangrum
Tommy Justus
Trey Davis

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