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Dr. Larry Hovis, Executive Coordinator

Dr. Andy Jung, Associate Executive Coordinator

Dr. Rick Jordan, Church Resources Coordinator

Rev. Linda Jones, Missions Coordinator

Rev. Santiago Reales, Director, Red Latina NC CBF

Rev. Jim Hylton, Business Administration Coordinator

Dr. Wanda Kidd, Collegiate Engagement Coordinator

Rev. Seth Hix, Church Engagement Coordinator

Eddie Hammett, Church and Clergy Coach

Scott Hudgins, Director, Helping Pastors Thrive

Amy Cook, Communications Specialist

Rev. Mary Kaylor, Programs Manager

Tracy Davis, Administrative Assistant

In addition to organizing, facilitating and coordinating CBFNC ministries with volunteer leadership, a significant amount of our coordinators' time is spent in direct ministry with churches. Most Wednesdays and Sundays, our coordinators are in churches, preaching, teaching and serving congregations. They also lead conferences, retreats, workshops and provide consultation to church committees and leaders. Please call on them to visit, speak or serve your church in the upcoming year (888) 822-1944.

Also, CBFNC would like to be represented at your Missions or Event Fair. Contact us to schedule someone to come set up a display with resources at communications@cbfnc.org or (888) 822-1944.

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