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Affirmation of Women in Ministry

From its beginnings, the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship and CBF of NC have supported and affirmed women as ordained ministers.


Some facts from Baptist Women in Ministry (BWIM) (2008):

  • According to the BWIM Registry, around 2,000 Baptist women in the South have been ordained since 1964.
  • 85 women were ordained in 2005, 49 ordained in 2006 and this past year 73 women were ordained.
  • The largest number of ordinations took place in Georgia (18), North Carolina (15), Tennessee (13), and Virginia (4). 11 women were ordained in Texas.
  • In most years over the past two decades, ordinations in North Carolina. North Carolina is home to three moderate Baptist seminaries. Because of Mercer’s McAfee School of Theology, Georgia has been at the top of this list in recent years. # of Women on Governing Boards: Alliance of Baptists (45%), BGCT Exec. Board (24%), CBF Coordinating Council (38.5%), SBC Executive Committee (8%).
  • # of women endorsed as Chaplains & Counselors: AB (77 or 52%), BGCT (66 or 15%), CBF (178 or 30%), SBC (215 or 8%)
  • By 1993 (ten years after founding of BWIM), 51 women were serving as pastors or co-pastors
  • In 2007 that number had increased to 113 – 75 as pastors and 38 as co-pastors.
  • As of 2007, Virginia led the way with 18 women pastors or co-pastors. North Carolina was second with 17, Georgia has 13, Texas has 11 and Tennessee with 6 women pastors or co-pastors.
  • In 2005, women accounted for around 21.7% of the student bodies as SBC seminaries (virtually no increase between 1979-2005). 4 of these seminaries have programs designed especially for women. Despite these programs, the numbers of women students enrolled in and graduating from SBC seminaries has dropped in the past 25 years.
  • With 2,145 students in 14 seminaries, theology schools and Baptist studies programs affiliated with CBF, 825 or 38.5% were women. 40.4% of Spring 2007 graduates at these schools were women.
  • Among the CBF affiliated schools with the highest percentage of female students: Emory (53%), McAfee (52%), BTSR (52%) and Wake Forest (50 %).
  • The most female students can be found at Mercer’s McAfee (124) and Baylor’s Truett (118).
  • Women make up 25.5% of the total faculty teaching in these schools.


North Carolina Baptist Women in Ministry
For information, contact Alicia Porterfield at aporterfield@ec.rr.com or visit www.bwimnc.com.


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