Collegiate State Leadership Application
CBFNC is excited to announce the formation of collegiate state-level leadership through the creation of a new Executive Team. Applications are currently open for all Executive Team positions. The application window will close on January 18, 2019. 

Please note, all applicants will need to provide information for two character references, as well as information for their Campus Ministry representative. 




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A thought about college students for my friends
who serve as ministers to congregations:


As your college students come home for the holidays, please take some time to speak to them personally about their lives. They are not the same young person you celebrated at their graduation and sent off to college. 

  • They have had life experiences they have probably not processed with anyone, and particularly not with a person that would listen and offer grace.
  • They are at the crossroads of choices that everyone wants to weigh in on. Sometimes they just need a sounding board and a listening ear.
  • If they show up at church at all, they usually don’t know where they fit in and experience awkwardness and a sense of displacement.
  • Many of our students went away thinking they knew exactly who they were and what they wanted, and were disappointed to find they were one of many bright and talented young adults and it has shaken their self-esteem.
  • And heaven knows they need someone to help them process the global events of the past few months

So Please:

Take the time to seek them out.

Include them in your welcome

Have an informal ”get together”

Ask them to participate in worship

Tell them that they were missed and that they have a place in Christ’s family and in their church specifically.


And FinallyBe looking for that student who might make a good intern for your church this summer.  Now is the time for both of you to be thinking about that possibility.


Investment and engagement in the life of a young adult is never a waste of your time and energy.


- from Wanda Kidd, CBFNC Collegiate Engagement Coordinator

College Resources

Every church is a college church - whether you have students who have gone to college or if you have students within driving range of your church. CBFNC wants to provide events you can invite your college students to.


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Mid-Winter Young Adult Retreat 2019
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CBFNC Collegiate Ministry profiles


NCSU and Raleigh-Area Campuses
Lawrence Powers: CBFNC Campus Minister
Liz Britt: Intern
Meet Lawrence

partnering churches:
Forest Hills Baptist Church
Trinity Baptist Church

First Baptist Church, Raleigh
St. John's Baptist
New Hope Baptist Church
Hayes Barton Baptist Church

UNC-Chapel Hill
Lawrence Powers: CBFNC Campus Minister
Michael Sizemore: Intern
Meet Lawrence
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partnering churches:
University Baptist Church
Hillsong Church
Mount Carmel Baptist Church
Binkley Memorial Baptist Church

Duke University 
Lawrence Powers: CBFNC Collegiate Minister
Emma Tilley: Intern
Meet Lawrence

partnering churches:
Yates Baptist Church
Watts Street Baptist Church

David Stone: CBFNC Collegiate Minister
Will Rabon: Intern 
Meet David

partnering churches:
Cullowhee Baptist Church
First Baptist Church, Sylva
Tuckaseegee Baptist Church
Summit Church

Appalachian State University
Curtis Privette: CBFNC Collegiate Minister  
Meet Curtis

partnering church:
Boone First Baptist

Adam Horton: CBFNC Collegiate Minister
Meet Adam
Addison Cook, Intern

partnering church:
First Baptist Church, Greensboro

East Carolina University 
Lauren Halsey: CBFNC Collegiate Minister

partnering churches:
Oakmont Baptist Church
The Memorial Baptist Church
Immanuel Baptist Church


Western Carolina University
David Stone: CBFNC Collegiate Minister
Jaime Fitzgerald: Intern 
Meet David

Wake Forest University  
Chris Towles: Campus Minister 


Partnering with Chaplains at Baptist Colleges


Campbell University  
Faithe Beam: Chaplain to Campbell University

Chowan University 
Rev. Mari Elena Wiles:
Minister to Chaplain to the University
and Associate Dean of Students

Rev. Drew Phillips: 
Associate Minister to the University 

Meredith College 
Donna Battle: Chaplain to Meredith College
Daniel Ray: Assistant Chaplain 
Meghan Engstran, AmeriCorps VISTA
Wingate University  
Dane Jordan: Chaplain
Mars Hill University  
Stephany McLeskey: Chaplain
Andrew Hoots

Gardner-Webb University  

Tracy Jessup: VP for Christian Life & Service and Sr. Minister to the University

Forest Hills Baptist Church's Ministry
to NCSU/Meredith College

Tyler Ward: Minister for Sharing Christ


A “Partnering Church” with CBFNC Collegiate Ministry

A Partnering Church is a congregation that has expressed a desire to partner and invest in CBFNC collegiate ministry.  A church may offer support in a variety of ways. They may provide meals, care packages, prayer or monetary support to a specific school or to CBFNC collegiate ministry in general.

If your church would like to be a Partnering Church with CBFNC collegiate ministry, please contact Wanda Kidd at and she will gladly list your church on the CBFNC Collegiate Ministry Web page. Together we can grow the CBFNC Collegiate Ministry network.


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