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Minister Seeking Church

Minister Seeking Church

Are you a minster who is sensing God’s call to a new place of service?

Whether you are a seasoned senior pastor or a divinity school student, called to lead in music or youth ministry, or even if you are still discerning how God might best use your gifts, CBFNC would be delighted to assist you in your search!

One of CBFNC’s Four Ministry Priorities is to Equip Ministers and Churches. Part of this work is to assist ministers and churches navigating changes in ministry placement and employment.

As autonomous Baptists, we believe that each congregation is empowered to follow the leadership of the Holy Spirit in calling their own minister(s). However, our partner congregations often reach out to the CBFNC Ministerial Transitions Team for assistance in their search process. Last year alone, we received well over 85 requests for resumes! We also receive periodic requests from out-of-state congregations. 


The information on this page is designed to provide ministers with helpful tools in discerning God’s current vocational calling. Please follow the three steps below to enter your name to our Ministerial Transitions Ministry. 


1.     Please fill out our Ministerial Candidate Form. This will provide us relevant information that will help us learn more about your transition. This form includes information about your current situation as well as the new directions that God may be calling you to explore.   


2.     Upload an updated resume to the CBFNC database. If possible, send a PDF file. On average, we send 10-12 resumes to each church who makes a request. 


3.     We also ask that you reach out to Rev. Seth Hix, Church Engagement Coordinator, for a brief conversation.  This can be accomplished in person or over the phone. We recognize that unique journey of each candidate is not always readily apparent on paper. These conversations help us to identify particular needs and ministry gifts that will allow us to be a better advocate for you.


SETH’s contact info:

336-759-3456 or 336-829-0802


Since personal and professional circumstances sometimes change unexpectedly, your Resume and Ministerial Candidate Form will only remain active in our database for one year after the date of submission. If you would like CBFNC to continue circulating your resume beyond that timeframe, you will need to fill out a new Ministerial Candidate Form, as well as upload a more current Resume. 


This service is offered FREE OF CHARGE to ministers in fulfillment of CBFNC’s mission to support ministers and churches. As a courtesy, when you secure a new place of service, please e-mail Seth Hix with your new information so that we can celebrate with you!


Other Helpful Resources: 

  • CBFNC Ministry Job Board – A listing of some of the open ministry positions in CBFNC life.  You are welcome to connect directly with any of the congregations listed on the Ministry Job Board.

  • CBF Global LeaderConnect – This is a resume-matching resource provided by CBF Global.

  • CBF Network State/Regional Contacts



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