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Minister Seeking Church

Are you a minister searching for your next position in ministry (any position - pastor, associate, youth, etc)?

We would like to help you in your search for a congregation.

  • Resumes - CBFNC will send resumes on your behalf to a search committee:

To start this process, fill in your form online or download a form. We will send your resumes to churches that seem appropriate based on their location, salary range age and experience requirements.

When it is sent out, you will receive an email from CBFNC telling you this and giving you some information about the church.


1. Online (fill out form below) 

2. Download form -- Click here to download the Minister Seeking Church form.
Fill it out and send in your completed form. You will also need to email your resume to Seth Hix.


  • Help - We have collected number of articles on the "church search." Some of these are available as links on our Vocational Resources page. Others may be secured by contacting our office at 888-822-1944 or


CBFNC is not "connected" to other CBF organizations. That is to say, if you send a reference request to the national CBF, they do not send that information on to CBFNC. So, at a minimum you will want to send the profile form both to CBFNC and CBF. Other states also have reference and referral contact persons. You may want to contact them to distribute your resume, as well. Click here for a list of other contacts.

CBF has a new resource called LeaderConnect-CBF. This tool, a resume-matching system (provided at no charge), will greatly enhance the efficiency and capability of their reference and referral service for both church search committees and for candidates.

Most search committees are new to the search process. Most are also unaware of changes in the Baptist world. Part of the way we try to help you is to educate churches, sometimes beginning with their search committees.

We join you in your prayers. This is, after all, a spiritual journey!


Minister Seeking Church


All questions marked with an * are required information. 
You will not be able to successfully submit your form if 
these questions are not answered. 

Once you enter the code at the bottom of the form, click "submit."
If there is any missing information, it will be highlighted in red
on your form. Fill that information in and click "submit" again.

Your form has been successfully submitted if you see a thank
you message on your screen.

In addition, you will receive an e-mail from CBFNC to confirm 
receipt. If you have any questions, please contact the CBFNC 
office at (336) 759-3456.




Current compensation or minimum compensation
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Ministry related expenses

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