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Each year, our fellowship experiences a "family reunion" in the form of the General Assembly. Usually held in a church, the assembly offers inspiring worship, informative ministry workshops, and helpful resources from various ministry partners and rich fellowship with Christians from around the state.

CBFNC General Assembly

March 25-26, 2011

First Baptist Church
5 Oak Street, Asheville, NC  28801

Audio Recordings

The Mental Health of the Missional Congregation
Steve Scoggin, President, Baptist CareNet               
The mental and spiritual health of a congregation are inseparable. What is sometimes felt but not named are mental health problems that get in the way of congregations moving forward. All congregations have a mental health profile which impacts how plans and decisions are implemented. Come learn about the importance of mental health and its relationship to being a missional community.

How to Have a Difficult Conversation Without Breaking Your Congregation Apart
Chris Gambill, Manager, Congregational Health Services, The Center for Congregational Health       
Congregations are finding it increasingly difficult to have civil conversations about important topics. How can that happen in a way that is both insightful and pleasing to God?

Marketing Your Congregation
Ben McDade, Coordinator of Fellowship Advancement, CBF               
Learn how to tell your church’s story in compelling ways in the midst of an over-communicated, noisy and busy world.

Vanishing Appalachia
Bill Leonard, Professor of Church History, Wake Forest University School of Divinity       
The Appalachian region is a social case study on the impact of mass culture on religious and community life.  The discussion moves from traditional “mountain churches” to changes in ecclesiology, worship and ministry as shaped
by demographics, technology and economics.

The Care and Feeding of Kree-8-ive Ministry
Bo Prosser, Coordinator for Congregational Life, CBF   
The creative spirit is within us all, ready to soar.  This workshop will explore ways for you to turn loose of the voice of judgment and embrace the freedom to play, explore, and create.

The Ministry of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty
Brent Walker, Executive Director, Baptist Joint Committee          
J. Brent Walker will provide an overview of current religious liberty concerns, both nationally and in North Carolina.

Jeremiah - Patriotism of a Different Sort
Gerald Keown, Professor of Old Testament Interpretation, Gardner-Webb University School of Divinity   
We will explore the relationship between religious conviction and national identity.   Jeremiah offers a challenging portrait of one whose religious conviction led him to commit high treason.  The “so what” question for modern American Christians may be one we would rather not address, but such an encounter may be more relevant than we might think.

Borrowed Language and Prayed Experience
Guy Sayles, Pastor, First, Asheville
Explore how to nourish imagination and improve preaching by listening to writers and mystics who journey to God in poetry and prayer.

The Moment of Witness
Kathy Naish, Pastor of Spiritual Formation, Viewmont, Hickory       
Sometimes it seems that we have lost the unique voice of individual testimony in our congregations.  Recapture the formative power of storytelling for your church.

Justice in the Cotton Patch - Clarence Jordan on Economic and Racial Justice
Kris Pratt, Professor of Religion, Spartanburg Methodist College, South Carolina       
Clarence Jordan founded an inter-racial Christian community in Georgia, produced the Cotton Patch Version of the
New Testament, and inspired countless Baptists with his confrontation of racial and economic injustice. 

Getting Started - Planting New Churches
Michial Lewis, Executive Director, Plantersville, Inc.   
When it comes to planting churches, sometimes just getting started can be the hardest part. This session is designed to help you know what to do and to give you some practical ideas on how to do it.

Caring for Youth and Children in Stressful Times
Paul Raybon, Associate Pastor, Hominy, Candler   
How can laity and ministers care for children and youth in crisis? What do they need? What can you say and do?

Trends in the Worldwide Baptist Community
Richard Pierard, Member, Baptist World Alliance History and Identity Commission   
As North Carolinians, what should our response be to worldwide trends in the Baptist world? We will focus on the Baptist World Alliance and the various sorts of global concerns and issues it is dealing with to discover our local connections.

Teaching for a FIT Faith
Rick Jordan, Church Resources Coordinator, CBFNC               
Learn how to adapt any curriculum, or to create your own, to meet the three objectives of every Bible teacher.

Doing Justice - Congregations and Community Organizing
Ryan Eller, Lead Organizer, Communities Helping All Neighbors Gain Empowerment           
Learn how to cultivate the work of justice across the barriers of race, religious tradition, and ideology to bring about systemic, positive change for the common good.

Reaching Out to the Forgotten Students
Scot Davis, Minister of Students, Children, and Outreach, First, Black Mountain           
Our communities are filled with students who have been forgotten by the church.  These students don’t seemingly fit in and are overlooked because they don’t look or act like a “church kid.” This workshop will focus on how to reach these students.

The Bible and Sinbearing - New Questions about Old Answers
Sheri Adams, Professor of Theology and Church History, Gardner-Webb University School of Divinity       
A brief look at the 2,000 year history of interpretations of the cross event. It is obvious that there are still questions to be asked and answered about Jesus’ saving work on the cross.

Scattered and Gathered
Terry Casino, Professor of Missiology, Gardner-Webb University School of Divinity   
Terry will present some of the major factors behind why people move and their implications to world missions (strategies and applications). This presentation will discuss the trends that have taken place in worldwide missions that many missionary agencies and sending bodies either simply ignore or fail to notice.

Leadership Qualities for 21st Century Churches
Terry Hamrick, Coordinator of Misssional Leadership, CBF           
Churches today are experiencing changes that put unprecedented pressure on their leaders. We’ve discovered five qualities that help congregations and leaders thrive. Discuss and discover how these qualities can impact your congregation.

What's So Different About Today
Matt Norman, Missiologist/Education Development Specialist, CBF Global Missions   
This workshop addresses the significant cultural shift we are in, questions raised by the shift, and how the Holy Spirit forms us in spite of it all.

The Faith We Live:  A Muslim, Christian, and Jewish Conversation
Jeffrey Vickery, Co-Pastor, Cullowhee, Cullowhee; Sumaya El-Attar; Charles Erde 
Our American religious landscape today includes the greatest diversity of faith traditions we have ever known.  Join us for a conversation between three people of faith, a Christian, a Muslim, and a Jew, as we discuss the basic ideals of our faith, and the hope we have for living that faith in our world today.

Workshop Handouts

"Getting Started: Planting New Churches" 
Michial Lewis, Executive Director of Plantersville, Inc.

"Moving from Maintenance to Mission"
Eddie Hammett, CBFNC Church and Clergy Coach

"Creating Redemptive Relationships & Structures"
Eddie Hammett, CBFNC Church and Clergy Coach

"Racial Reconciliation and the Body of Christ" Biblical Passages and Reading Questions
Willard Bass and Nathan Parrish - Peace Haven, Winston-Salem

"Ten Things You Can Do for the Unity of the Church"
Steve Harmon, Gardner-Webb University School of Divinity

"Gleaning - A Rich Biblical Tradition to Feed Today's Hungry"
Kristy Nash and Bill Walker, Society of Saint Andrew

"Justice in the Cotton Patch: Clarence Jordan on Economic and Racial Justice" 
Kris Pratt, Professor of Religion at Spartanburg Methodist College, SC

"Jeremiah: Patriotism of a Different Sort"
Gerald Keown, Professor of Old Testament at Gardner-Webb University School of Divinity

"Using Technology in Christian Education"
Elmer Perry, Children's Ministry Coordinator, Calvary Baptist, Asheville

"What's So Different About Today? A Conversation about Church and the Gospel"
Matt Norman, Missiologist/Education Development Specialist, CBF Global Missions

"Creativity - Fostering the Spirit"
Bo Prosser, Coordinator for Congregational Life, CBF

"Praying with Scriptures"
Sophia Steibel, Professor of Christian Education, Gardner-Webb University School of Divinity

"Preaching Justice and Mercy"
Daniel Day, Associate Professor of Preaching and Worship, Campbell University Divinity School

"Reaching Out to the Forgotten Students" outline, handout, sources
Scot Davis, Minister of Students, Children and Outreach, First, Black Mountain

The Unbroken Circle -- Churches Caring for Caregivers
Cindy Miles, Family Caregiver Support Coordinator, Southwestern Commission Area Agency on Aging

Justice and Mercy for the Immigrant: What Your Church Can Do
Russell HIlliard, Sr., Pastor Emeritus of Baptist Latino ministries, Asheville

The Ministry of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty
Brent Walker, Executive Director, Baptist Joint Committee

From the Pew to the Potato Patch
Doug Sharp, First, Shelby

Caring For Youth and Children in Stressful Times
Paul Raybon




"We know love by this, that [Jesus] laid down his life for us ....
Little children, let us love, not in word or speech, but in truth and action." 

(1 John 3:16-18 NRSV)



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