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Each year, our fellowship experiences a "family reunion" in the form of the General Assembly. Usually held in a church, the assembly offers inspiring worship, informative ministry workshops, and helpful resources from various ministry partners and rich fellowship with Christians from around the state.

CBFNC General Assembly

CBFNC 2012 General Assembly

The Heart of Jesus: That They All May Be One

March 23-24, 2012
Trinity Baptist Church
4815 Six Forks Road, Raleigh, NC 27609


Worship Speaker: Neville Callam   Baptist World Alliance General Assembly



Audio Recordings

On Being Pastoral Prophets in the Public Square    
J. Brent Walker, Executive Director, Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty
This workshop will teach Baptists how to “fight like heaven” in politics and public life by telling the truth, telling it in love and respecting the opinions of those with whom we disagree.

400 Years of the King James Bible: Facts and Misconceptions   
Lydia Hoyle, Associate Professor of Christian History and Baptist Heritage, Campbell University Divinity School
The King James Bible just celebrated its 400th anniversary.  This session will examine how we came to have this influential translation and some of the misconceptions that have developed in the intervening years.

Being Baptist in America   
Bill Leonard, Professor of Church History, Wake Forest School of Divinity
Baptists, once part of the American Protestant establishment, confront a religious culture in major transition.  As culture “privilege” diminishes, how might Baptists rethink issues of identity, Believers’ Church, conscience, dissent, and the responsibility of a religious minority?

The Book of Revelation: To Preach or Not to Preach?   
Robert Canoy, Dean, Gardner-Webb University School of Divinity
This workshop will feature an interactive conversation about preaching from the Book of Revelation.  Special emphases will include both sermonic entry points into Revelation and the use of multi-media.

Circles: A Way to Cross Race and Class Lines   
Annette C. Snyder, Circles Communities Coordinator for the NC State Office
Circles model creates the opportunity to bridge the gaps that keep us from learning, living and loving together.

The Resurrection of Lottie Moon   
Glenn Jonas, Professor of Religion, Campbell Divinity School
Lottie Moon is arguably the most famous missionary that Southern Baptists ever produced.  This workshop will give
particular attention to new research into the events of her life.

Restorative Acts: The Miracles of Jesus & The Apostles   
Jim McConnell, Assistant Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Gardner-Webb University Divinity School
We will consider the miracles of Jesus and those of the apostles in Luke and Acts, arguing that through them community, and ultimately shalom, is restored.

What’s in it for the Leper?   
Hugh Hollowell, Pastor to the Homeless and Director of Love Wins Ministries
Using the St. Francis story as the example, we will be discussing our tendency to de-humanize the poor, in effect making them extras in a movie about us.

Encouraging Faith Formation for the Children in Your Life
Shirley Womble - Minister to Children and Families, Masonboro, Wilmington
Explore the best ways that a parent, grandparent, teacher or pastor can dialogue with a child about salvation. Participants will discover ways to encourage faith within the family unit.

Social Networking and the Church
John Vestal, Computer Engineer and College Sunday School Teacher at Greystone, Raleigh
With all the changes to our social order being driven by Facebook and Twitter, how does Social Networking change the ways we interact and distribute information to members and potential members? This will be an interactive discussion on ideas and implications.

Leading the 21st Century Congregation
David Key, Director of Baptist Studies, Candler School of Theology 
Congregational life is always changing.  How do we keep up with the changes? We will explore sociological realities and new leadership theories for today’s congregations.

How to Translate a Mission Trip into an Experience for the Whole Church
Linda Jones, Missions Coordinator, CBFNC, and Michelle Norman, CBF Field Personnel in Greece
Often teams go on a mission trip or work in their community with little involvement of the congregation.  Hear some “best practices” that will help the congregation be inspired and motivated to participate in God’s mission for the world!

Preaching for Action and Reconciliation
Darryl Aareon, Pastor, First Highland Avenue, Winston-Salem; Ryan Eller, Lead Organizer, C.H.A.N.G.E.
Explore hermeneutical strategies for relevant, and results-oriented preaching. Participants will learn how personal and spiritual transformation, born out of the worship experience, moves towards an active and positive community transformation. Out of that transformation we discover reconciliation and redemption.


Women and Calling to Ministry
Ka’thy Gore Chappell, Leadership Development Coordinator, CBFNC
When a woman is “raised” to find out what God wants you to do, then do it—what does a woman do when the rules change and others do not affirm her call to ministry?  How does a woman who is pursuing her call to ministry by seeking a ministerial position and ordination demonstrate the heart of Jesus and exemplify ONE-ness?   


Friday Night Worship Service - March 23, 2012

Saturday Morning Worship Service - March 24, 2012

Workshop Handouts

Reconciling with Children during Death, Divorce, and Crisis
Amanda Price, LP, PhD, Clinical Psychologist
Participants will look at crises of faith and home that can rock a child’s world.  This session will be helpful in understanding the developmental aspects of dealing with crisis and children.

Worship that Reconciles
Dan Day, Associate Professor of Preaching and Worship, Campbell University Divinity School  
That discomfort, if not hostility, reigns over worship styles, is obvious.  Are there ways to reconcile our differences?  Are there clues from the history of the Church that might help us engage in worship that reconciles rather than divides us?

Addiction and Grace: Understanding Addiction & Ministry Options   
George Fuller, Jr., served in churches for 27 years and been a pastor to many in recovery; Al Mooney, doctor practicing addiction and family medicine and author of “The Recovery Book”
In this seminar you will be given an understanding of addiction and how grace sets us free. Learn how to help members of the church and the broader community experience the transformational love of Christ and freedom from the addictions that enslave so many. 

Encouraging Faith Formation for the Children in Your Life
Shirley Womble - Minister to Children and Families, Masonboro, Wilmington
Explore the best ways that a parent, grandparent, teacher or pastor can dialogue with a child about salvation. Participants will discover ways to encourage faith within the family unit.

Seeking Reconciliation in the Midst of Conflict   
Chris Gambill, Manager, Congregational Health Services, Center for Congregational Health
God’s people don’t always agree. Issues like sexuality, immigration, health care and theology threaten to divide us.
Conflict has a huge impact on a congregation’s health and vitality. Learn how to respond to conflict in ways that  promote reconciliation and healing.

Baptist Dialogue with Other Christians: So What?   
Curtis Freeman, Director, Baptist House of Studies; Steve Harmon, Adjunct Professor of Christian Theology, Gardner-Webb School of Divinity
Learn from veterans of ecumenical dialogues between the BWA and other Christian communions about the results of these conversations and their implications for local churches.

Articles about the 2012 General Assembly

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The 2012 General Assembly Offering   

Our CBFNC churches ministering in Belize have made a decision to do something big together ... something for the kingdom of God ... something they could not accomplish alone.  A bare bones structure in Santa Elena will be transformed into a much-needed school for Spanish, Mayan and Creole students. The structure will also serve as a hurricane shelter and community center. Please join this effort to make a meaningful difference in a needy area!

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Second Annual Photo Contest

Photographs should illustrate this year’s reconciliation theme: “The Heart of Jesus: That They All May Be One” based on the Scripture, John 17:21: “That they may all be one. As you, Father, are in me and I am in you, may they also be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me.” (NRSV)


The winning photo will be reprinted with recognition of the photographer in one of our media outlets (website, enews, or newsletter), to be determined by the communications staff. Winners will also receive a gift certificate to10,000 Villages for the following values: First prize, $100. Second prize $75. Third prize $50.

The contest begins February 8, 2012, and ends March 9, 2012. Click here to view contest rules. Good luck!


Future CBFNC General Assembly Meetings

2013: March 15-16 - First, Lumberton


General Assembly Speaker Suggestions

Who are the greatest preachers and speakers in our time? What preachers and speakers would you like to hear at a future CBFNC General Assembly? Please provide your input to our staff and General Assembly Planning team. Dream big. Don't let your suggestions be limited by geography or other factors. We got Fred Craddock; who knows what the other possibilities might be? Send your suggestions to Larry Hovis (

Past CBFNC General Assembly Meetings

March 25-26, 2011 - Asheville (First Baptist Church)
March 19-20, 2010 - Winston-Salem (First Baptist Church)
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March 22-23, 1996 - Fayetteville (Snyder Memorial Baptist Church)
March 24-25, 1995 - Raleigh (First Baptist Church)
March 11-12, 1994 - Winston-Salem (Wake Forest University) (organization meeting)
March 26-27, 1993 - Greensboro (First Baptist Church) (exploratory meeting)


Also, visit the General Assembly Archive from previous years.

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