Upcoming Events


Flower logo Coach Approach to Management and Leadership (510)

November 24-25, 2014
CBFNC offices, Winston-Salem


Flower logo Youth Ski Retreat

January 9-11, 2015
Beckley, WV


Flower logo Collegiate Mid-Winter Retreat

January 31 - February 1, 2015
Camp Mundo Vista, Sophia


Flower logo Youth Choir Festival

March 6-7, 2015
Knollwood, Winston-Salem


Flower logo Children's Choir Festival

March 14, 2015
First, Lumberton


Flower logo CBFNC General Assembly

Thursday and Friday, March 19-20, 2015   New date and schedule!
Providence, Charlotte


Flower logo Retreat for Adults

April 24-26, 2015
Caraway Conference Center, Sophia


Flower logo Coaching Change, Transition and Transformation (503)

April 28-29, 2015
CBFNC offices, Winston-Salem



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