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Elevating Preaching Conference
September 18, 2017
Gardner-Webb School of Divinity

Elevating Preaching is a conference that began years ago with a challenge from Buddy Shurden to “elevate preaching.” CBFNC accepted the challenge and responded with two preaching conferences connected to the annual CBFNC Gathering. Continuing to seek opportunities to model good preaching and nurture leadership, CBFNC partnered with Campbell Divinity School (2011), Gardner-Webb School of Divinity (2012), Wake Forest School of Divinity (2013) and Duke Baptist House of Studies (2014), Campbell Divinity School (2016) to co-sponsor the annual event.

On Monday, September 18, 2017, the Elevating Preaching Conference resumes with Gardner-Webb School of Divinity as host and co-sponsor with CBFNC. Our preachers include Dr. Kevin Cosby, Senior Pastor of St. Stephen Church in Louisville, Kentucky; Dr. Wade Bibb, Senior Pastor of Central Bearden Baptist Church in Knoxville, Tennessee; and Rev. Kimberly Moore, Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church in Gastonia, North Carolina, and a graduate of Gardner-Webb School of Divinity.


Cost: $35, which includes 
lunch and snacks.

Registration deadline:

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