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Disaster Response - September 2017
As CBF Global helps people and communities get back on their feet over the long-term, financial resources will be necessary. Please consider giving a gift to the CBF Hurricane Disaster Response Fund. Donations may be made online here or by mailing a check payable to "CBF" with Hurricane Response in the memo line to: CBF Global, P.O. Box 102972, Atlanta, GA 30368-2972.

As CBF Global Disaster Response and Florida CBF continue to assess the damage Hurricane Irma inflicted on the Bahamas, Cuba, and Puerto Rico, plans are already underway for volunteer staging areas in Miami, Fort Myers, and Jacksonville.
Jacksonville, which suffered record-setting storm surge, will be the location of staging sites at Island View Baptist Church and Hendricks Avenue Baptist Church. Plans are forming at other sites as well.
Individuals and congregations seeking information about forming volunteer teams should visit this website to sign up for more information. Volunteer groups will be needed as people return to their homes.

Volunteer teams are starting to arrive. In areas like Houston where flooding was the main issue, teams are working to remove wet sheetrock, flooring, and ruined furniture or appliances to the street side. In rural areas where wind damage was the main issue, teams are removing debris and fallen trees, and making temporary repairs to roofs. 
We are not yet spending money on permanent repairs until we see if the homeowner is receiving insurance or FEMA help. We are sure that there will be families who will not get help from either. Those families will need our funding. Churches in rural areas are being helped by a donor who has made a large gift.  
If your team wants to help with permanent repairs, it might be a few more weeks before we know which families will not be helped by insurance or FEMA. If your team wants to do clean-up work, we can use your team now. 
To get your team ready, please do the following:
1. Register your team on the CBF Global website
2. Anyra Cayno will then contact you to get your team processed and ready to go.
3. Then, depending where you decide to work, one of our disaster field coordinators will work with you.
  • Houston/Beaumont areas: Butch and Nell Green, CBF Field Personnel, will help coordinate efforts from their hub church at South Main. They are working with a dozen churches in the Houston area. Some of these churches can provide housing.
  • Corpus Christi/Coastal Bend rural areas: Jorge Zapapta, CBF TX Associate Coordinator, and Diann Berry, CBF Field Personnel, will focus their efforts on the rural areas. There are housing options in Port Arthur, Aransas Pass, Corpus Christi, and Victoria.  
Here is an additional need: 
Relocate shower trailer from Lumberton, NC, to Orange Park/Jacksonville, FL, this weekend if possible. You will need a 3/4 ton pickup or 1 ton truck (dually) with a 2-inch bumper hitch. 1/2 ton pickup does not have enough tow power.

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