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Wealth and Poverty


The mission statement of the
wealth and poverty committee is
"to encourage, develop and facilitate understanding and responses to
wealth and poverty."

Committee Goals


The Wealth and Poverty Committee works to equip CBFNC congregations and partners through: 
  • Reflection/Education
    Includes creating resources, encouraging economic and socio-economic emphases through speakers or other, how-to/forums/discussions, learning across socio-economic lines, sharing stories, learning to place the marginalized at the center of the kingdom of God, reorienting our idea of poverty relief, considering wealth relief, and exploring strength-based approaches.*
  • Relationships
    Includes networking, building bridges between the poor and affluent, fostering deep commitment across socio-economic lines, and encouraging relational presence across class lines. 
  • Relief/Sharing
    Includes funding, fundraising, hands-on opportunities, advocacy, emphases on poverty, healthcare, affluence and greed. Also, acknowledging and sharing practices related to the strengths (gifts) of poverty and wealth (i.e. liberation from the negative effects of wealth or poverty).
  • Recognition
    Includes celebrating individuals and organizations doing exceptional and ordinary things to facilitate Christ-like resources to wealth and poverty, recognizing poverty and wealth (within ourselves and others), and recognizing and embodying Christ’s preferential option for the poor.



Interested in joining with us to respond to wealth and poverty issues? Contact us!

If you are interested in the Wealth and Poverty Committee, please contact Rick Jordan or speak to one of the task force members: LaCount Anderson, Don Durham, Jim Everette, Lydia Hoyle (chair-elect), Rick Jordan, Tommy Justus, Wanda Kidd, Alicia Porterfield, Layne Rogerson, David Stratton, Cara Lynn Vogel or Jason Williams (chair).

Be looking for future stories of how local churches are addressing these issues in their communities. Do you have an encouraging story to share? Contact Amy Cook.

Wealth and Poverty Booklet

View the booklet of articles that speak to how local churches are addressing these issues
in their communities.

Click here to see CBFNC's Wealth and Poverty Bibliography.

Until All Are Fed How First, Madison, shared their $1,000 grant.

Do you have an encouraging story to share? Contact Amy Cook.

Highlighted Ministry: Love Wins

Love Wins Ministries shares unconditional love and friendship with the homeless and poor population of Raleigh, North Carolina. We focus on relationships, not outcomes – just like you do with your friendships. If one of our friends wants change in their life, we will help with that however we can. And if they desire no change at all, we will honor that as well. No matter what, they will be loved, respected and treated as an equal. Because they are.

Web: http://lovewins.info

Blog: http://lovewins.info/blog

Twitter: http://twitter.com/lovewins


For churches that collect hunger offerings, CBFNC has a Hunger Fund. Monies collected will be distributed to local churches and regional networks to use to address community hunger needs. 


Online donation system by ClickandPledge


Click here to view the Hunger Fund page. You will find hunger resources and funding applications.

Recognition Program

Click here to see more about the Grace Note recognition program and each year's recipients.

A grace note is a music notation used to signify a particular musical ornamentation.  This note does not change the melody, but offers an additional interpretative highlight to a melodic line.  It calls our attention to a particular note and invites us to hear an ordinary sound in an extraordinary way. 

With similar intention, the CBFNC Wealth and Poverty Committee has established an annual recognition program to highlight churches, ministries, clergy, laypersons, and missionaries connected to CBFNC who embody Christ through their work in issues of wealth and poverty.  Each year at the CBFNC General Assembly, a church or organization, an individual (adult, youth or child) and a CBFNC Hunger Fund Recipient will be recognized with a Grace Note.  While a Grace Note is not an award, it is an opportunity to highlight both the ordinary and extraordinary work happening in our communities in such a way that we can all learn and grow.  We hope that these Grace Notes will inspire and encourage us to serve others in empowering and dignifying ways. 

Nomination Form

Nomination Form


Interviews with the 2013 Recipients



Wealth and Poverty
Bible Studies and Videos

A series of Bible Studies based on videos of persons making a dramatic impact on poverty in North Carolina. Interviews with Don Durham of Healing Springs and Hugh Hollowell of Love Wins Ministry.

Wealth and Poverty Committee's Recommended Resources
Reading list and summary

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