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Will Your Congregation Still Exist 10 Years from Now? (Impacting Tomorrow)

George Bullard, The Columbia Partnership
Conversation encourages you to stop and think about your congregation in at least three ways: 1) Is there the possibility your congregation actually might not exist ten years from now? 2) In what ways is your congregation an example of vitality and vibrancy, and in what ways does it lack vitality and vibrancy? 3) What is the full missional potential of your congregation.     From 2012 Impacting Tomorrow Conference.

Posted in: Leadership

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George Bullard
# George Bullard
Friday, July 13, 2012 12:26 PM
Listen to this workshop and then if you want to talk with me [George Bullard] then connect with me at I will be glad to follow-up with you and share additional material with you.

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